Unusual Uranium glass altar candlestick / vase, Fostoria USA ‘Heirloom’ c. 1960


Unusual Fostoria Uranium ‘Vaseline Glass’ candlestick/vase, of tall ribbed form with high flared flame-shaped back, from the ‘Heirloom’ range.
Circa 1960.

23cm high
Excellent condition

‘Primrose Perline’ was the original advertised name for these wares. They contain a trace of Uranium, giving them an interesting yellow tone under normal light, which is astonishingly bright green under a UV / blacklight .
Provenance: from the local collector’s memory: “This piece was purchased last century from a Church bazaar stall, where they were selling off the older pieces from the church store; this was the central vase from a garniture of three, the side vases being plainer. ”
Ref. The Picture Book of Vaseline Glass p81 for several similar vessels.




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