Very Large Japanese cloisonné vase, dragons on black, c. 1885

$2,800.00 AUD

Large Japanese cloisonné vase, of gently lobed hexagonal from, dramatically enamelled with 2 intertwined dragons encircling, one with green scales the other with pink, set against a plain glossy black ground, a petal border to the flared neck and spreading foot.

Circa 1885

61cm high, lip 15cm, foot 14.6cm


In Japan the dragon (tatsu) is a water deity symbolic of power, wealth and prosperity and is also one of the twelve zodiac signs.

The pair of dragons depicted here have different head decorations, and different scale tones; one is male, probably the greenish one, and the purplish pink the female.

This over-size vase is very reminiscent of the workshop of Tomiki Shobei, who commenced work in 1882 in Nagoya. He gained international repute after exhibiting in the International Exhibitions of the late 19th/ early 20th century. Dragons encircling a vessel, on plain black grounds were a particularly popular product in the West, and were sourced from woodblock prints of the period.



Bruise to foot, apron 5 x 1 cm wide, numerous small repairs to reminder of foot ring and under lip, 2 small impacts to black ground ( hard to see), copper rim warped slightly.

Displays very well.




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