Victorian portrait miniature of a Gentleman, in period frame, c. 1890

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Georgian portrait miniature of a Gentleman with a fine head of grey hair, in period frame, with a poem pasted to the back:

Why keep caring for what the world says? Hoist your flag and abide by it. In an infantry short space of time all secrets will be divulged. Therefore, if you are misjudged, why trouble to put yourself right? You have no idea what a great deal of trouble it will save you.   – Gordon

Circa 1890

circa 1890

frame 13.5x12cm, work 6.5×7.5cm

The quote is from General Gordon’s letter to his sister, 1880’s. This was published & very popular for its sentiment, right after his death in Africa in 1885 – probably the favourite quote of the gent depicted. No names associated with the image.




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