Wedgwood Queensware bowl, made for Whitefriars Glass Works, 1911

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Wedgwood Queensware bowl, painted with a vine & berry border within brown line rims.
Marked with impressed ‘WEDGWOOD’ and date code for 1911,
printed in black “Manufactured for / JAMES POWELL & SONS /Whitefriars Glass Works EC / and / 11 COnduit Street. W. / LONDON / WEDGWOOD / ETURIA ‘
also pattern no. 4966


Good condition

A rare & interesting mark that connects it to Whitefriars, the well regarded British glass maker of the latter 19th & 20th century. In 1910 they commissioned Wedgwood to reproduce 18th century Wedgwood patterns, and some where copied directly from the pattern books, and hand painted as the original was. The result was a very convincing re-creation of the 18th century Wedgwood creamware known as Queensware.


ref. Reilly ‘Wedgwood II’ p 156, 159 for discussion & illustration of pattern book page.




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