Wilson Creamware pierced basket rim plate, botanical ‘Pea’, c. 1800

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Creamware plate with pierced basketweave rim, well painted with a  Curtis botanical specimen titled ‘Pea’ to the back in red script, the edge weave picked out in yellow & brown enamels. 


attributed to Wilson, 

Church Works, Hanley 

Circa 1800


good condition with minor signs of age

ref. Edwards ‘Neale’ p150 for a marked example with the same weaving, which differs from other makers of the period. Neale 

James Neale had commenced in the 1770’s, and Wilson came on board as a partner; in 1792 it was changed to his name, and when marked is marked ‘Wilson’. These unmarked plates conform to the form Neale developed, with distinct layering of the canes; Wilson naturally had the same moulds. 

We can date them by the botanical specimens painted on them. The ‘pea’ from which this was copied was printed in 1793, making it possible to establish Wilson as the maker of this piece, and it would have been within a few years of the printing of the image, so Circa 1800.  




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