Worcester plate, exotic ‘Chelsea’ birds, James Giles, red anchor mark, c.1765


Rare Worcester plate, decorated in the studio of James Giles colourfully painted with exotic ‘Chelsea’ style birds on a rock, the fluted rim with an insect, a moth, and a bunch of cherries.
Red anchor mark,
circa 1765

Excellent condition, some minor single scratches to enamels on close examination, as expected.

ref. Handscombe ‘James Giles’ #61 for a very similar depiction of the bird, along with a butterfly and spray of cherries. #73 shows a plate of the same type painted with ‘naturalistic birds’. #47 is an excellent comparison piece, being the same shape fluted Worcester plate, having very similar fruit & insects to the border, and having he same rare red anchor mark. Hanscombe notes ‘…the red anchor mark suggests that Giles’s painters were more directly influenced by the Chelsea version of this pattern’ (rather than Meissen). This plate certainly supports this statement, as the ‘fancy birds’ depicted are directly borrowed from Chelsea’s products of the 1750’s red-anchor period. In this instance, he’s even borrowed the mark!

Other examples: One very similar example resides in the Johnson Collection, Melbourne, no.2184/T0009
6 plates sold at Tennants, 15/11/2013.




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