Worcester slop bowl, underglaze blue ‘Rock Strata’ pattern, c. 1770

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Worcester bowl C. 1770

The bowl is painted in under-glaze blue with the “Rock Strata Island” pattern, the design of which is a
direct copy of a popular Chinese one. It depicts a river scene with a sampan moored to one side of an island. The banks of the island reveal layers of strata in the rock. An identical version occurs on Caughley porcelain. The date range for the pattern is 1770-1780. The interior of each bowl is decorated with a diaper band, with a small island scene at the bottom. Most tea services included a small bowl to be used as a slop or waste bowl.

Provenance: English Private Collection

Reference: Branyan, L., French, N. and Sandon, J. “Worcester Blue and White Porcelain 1751-1790” I.D. 8
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(discussion of pattern)

Literature: Sandon, H. “The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain” pl. 102 (similar bowl with a different pattern)




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