Yates porcelain plate, square fluted with flowers, c. 1830


James Yates porcelain plate, the squared form moulded with four swags and fluted rim, well painted with a central flower group and overlapping long-stemmed specimens to the rim, within a gilt line edge.
Gold pattern no. 1069,
circa 1830

minor wear

pattern no. 1069, on another piece from the service.
ref. ‘Berthoud ‘Daniels’ pl 13 for the Daniels version, with very minor differences between the lobed rim seporating them from the Yates examples. See Godden ‘Staffordshire Porcelain’ p. 303 for the side-by-side comparison of both makes. The Daniel example is very similar in decoration to this example – but the pattern number of the illustrated Yates example, 1066, is another clue that it is not Daniel as it is too low – and our example is 3 entries in the book later, 1069.




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