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A Happy FooChow buddha, by Du Hua, circa 1900

A Happy Buddha

Qing Dynasty lacquer Buddha & stand, by Du Hua of Foochow.

Foochow (Fuzhou) is the capital of Fujian provenance, and as one of the five Chinese ‘treaty’ ports, has been completely open to Western merchants since 1842. As a result, local craftsmen flourished and the city became well known for its high quality exports of lacquerware (脫胎漆器), paper umbrellas, carved cork pictures, and horn combs. Du Hua was a master lacquer maker, operating in the late Qing Dynasty. The pieces are finely carved from wood, then coated with multiple layers of lacquer. This is made from the sap of the beautiful ‘Rus’ tree – highly toxic and a relative of ivy!
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