Australian Pottery ‘Dragon’ vase, ‘Jacqueline’ -Erik Juckert signed, circa 1938


Australian Pottery ‘Dragon’ vase, by Erik Juckert, with five quirky oriental dragons modelled in relief, climbing up the vase, glazed in a white ‘splatter’ glaze.
Signed ‘Jacqueline’,
used by Juckert for the pieces sold at Myer & David Jones, Melbourne
Circa 1946

26cm high, 22cm wide

Condition: some surface wear, production chip beneath foot.

This ‘splatter glaze’ technique, resulting in a matt textured surface, was pioneered by Juckert and taught to other potters, such as Henning Rathjen. After WWII, it became a very common finish in Australian commercial production. ref. ‘Australiana’ magazine vol 44 no. 1, Feb 2022, p34 for an example.  

Interestingly, this example shows the ‘glaze’ to be a thick applied painted finish, with a white high-fired earthenware beneath. 

Eric Juckert (1918-2004) began his pottery career in 1936, when at the age of 18 he was taught by the great Una Deerbon. Within a few years, he was selling his creations, and soon came to provide both Myer and David Jones with stylish pottery to sell. He used the name ‘Jacqueline’, as seen inscribed on the base of this vase, to mark his products, for some unknown reason. In 1939, he joined the Airforce, and was discharged in 1946. He recommenced potting straight away, and had a prolific output right up to the latter 20th century, when he lived & potted on Phillip Island. He died in 2004.

For this pot, we suggest a date of the immediate post-war period, when supplies were hard to get; the effect of speckle glaze has been achieved with a thick glossy white paint instead – perhaps Army Supplies surplus, of which there was plenty available! 




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