Australiana ship souvenir anchor letter opener, “S.S.ORCADES”, mid-20th century

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Souvenir letter opener the end shaped as a fouled anchor, with enamelled plaque inscribed “S.S. ORCADES / PACIFIC CRUISE 1953”

Back engraved “ANGUS & COOTE SYDNEY”

Mid 20th Century

20.5cm Long



The S.S. Orcades was built by the Orient steam Navigation company in 1947 and was the very first post war passenger liner for Orient lines. Offering services from the U.K to Australia and New Zealand.  Decommissioned in 1973

Angus & Coots were the large & popular Sydney department store, who had a vast range of goods custom-made for them with their mark. During & after WWII, they provided a lot of the various military awards, especially in enamel work. This cruise-ship souvenir would have been ordered from them and sold onboard.




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