Cast Iron ‘Jack Tar’ sailor + rope umbrella + stick stand, circa 1860

$1,950.00 AUD

Rare English cast iron ‘Jack Tar’ umbrella & stick stand, modelled as a sailor wearing a broad brimmed hat, standing on a ‘fighting-top’, grasping a thick rope that loops to form umbrella & stick holder, the base with group of Nautical items including anchor, oar, cannon, plus barrels & bales of goods, the bottom with removable drip tray and moulded rim featuring a Neptune head at the centre.

Circa 1860

Condition: good condition, with original paintwork still remaining, some re-touching to black, displays very well, an excellent example of this rare form.


‘Jack Tar’ is the traditional British slang for a sailor, and comes from the traditional sailor’s waterproof clothing; thick canvas with tar to repel water. This tarpaulin, shortened to Tar, was combined with the generic ‘Jack’, the name traditionally used for any ‘representative of the common people’. The term came into use in the 1780’s, and with the massive expansion of the British Navy in the Napoleonic era, became commonplace across the British Empire.

These stands are rare, and There were at least 3 different versions of this stand made, with very similar back figure, but varying in the loop style and the base form.




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