Caughley coffee cup & saucer, gilt flowers, c.1775

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Caughley coffee cup & saucer, decorated with scattered flower sprigs in gold, within a gold line rim.
C. 1775

saucer chip restored
saucer 12.5cm

Similar gilt flowers were done by James Giles, who is documented as buying Caughley; however, Godden found a shard of a tureen stand on the Caughley factory site with the sophisticated gilding seen on this piece, indicating that it was factory decoration. (Ref. Godden, Caughley & Worcester Porcelains p226) The Giles flowers are finer in their brushwork, and often have the small details scratched in, a technique carried over from glass decorating. These Caughley flowers have broad cross-hatching as their distinguishing feature.




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