Continental plate, superb camaieu landscape, 19th century

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Continental plate, superbly painted in camaieu with figures in a forested landscape, within laurel & berry border on a brown ground, the rims with wide turquoise ground and gold line rim. Mock Sevres mark, also SVR & D.V.C. 19th century





Uncertain origin, Vinovo (Italy, 1776-1820) had a similar mark but examples are extremely rare; they were known to copy Sevres patterns of the late 18th century; the border here is of this type. The scenes, however, are typical Italianate landscapes, making Vinovo a posability; the other of course being a high quality imitation from the later 19th century; the porcelain however has firing flaws untypical of later 19th century products such as Limoges.

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