Cypriot carved limestone torso & head, well defined tunic, 6th century BC

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Cypriot carved limestone torso & a similar head, the unusual cylindrical body with folds of a pleated tunic carved in, a wide sash or belt at the waist, the arms originally holding an object to the front, the associated head with an Egyptian-style headdress.

6th century BC

12cm ,18.5cm on stand

fragmentary, surface is stable

Provenance: from an old Australian Collection, put together in Cyprus in the 1970’s, sold Melbourne 2022. Some have place names & dates of finding in Cyprus.

The cylindrical form of this torso is unusual, as most are plank-like or flat-backed. This was so they could be stacked in a shrine; this example is carved in the round and takes on a 360-degree nature with a circular cross-section. It was designed to be seen from any angle.
While this body is an example of the Greek influence of the Hellenistic World, the head is Egyptian in inspiration; the figure as it is presented represents the fascinating mixture of cultures to be seen in Cypriot sculpture.




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