Cypriot carved limestone torso of a man, wearing armour (?), 750-475 BC

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Cypriot carved limestone torso of a man, probably a soldier, with arms at waist holding an object now lost, his chest and waist with traces of a scale-pattern, probably armour.

Cypro-Archaic Period,

750-475 BC


9cm high. ,15cm on stand

fragmentary, surface is stable

Provenance: from an old Australian Collection, put together in Cyprus in the 1970’s, sold Melbourne 2022. Some have place names & dates of finding in Cyprus.

Cypriot shrines were a depositary place for statues like this, and excavated examples have shown the altar surrounded by spectating figures. With the changes in their style over time, it is also obvious the figures stood there for generations, a constant spectacle for those coming to worship. This male has incised details that conform to armour of the period, beng scaled like a snake-skin. He once held something in his hands, presumably an offering; he is a representation of a real person, placed at the shrine of a favorite deity as a sign of dedication.




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