Dunmore Pottery (Scotland) vase with ‘smoke’ glaze, Dresser influenced, c. 1890-1900


Dunmore Pottery (Scotland) vase with ‘smoke’ glaze, Dresser influenced, c. 1890-1900


some small scratches & marks from use, good condition


16cm high


This interesting Pottery was founded some time in the 18th century, but it wasn't until the 3rd generation potter Peter Gardner became the director in 1866 that it began to make more than the usual crocks of a country pottery. Situated at Dunmore Moss on the estate of the Earl of Dunmore in Stirlingshire, Scotland, Gardner loved to experiment and came up with some superb glazes. The Dowager Countess of Dunmore, and the seventh Earl and Countess of Dunmore helped to promote the work of the pottery through securing royal patronage. The Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) came to the Pottery during his visits to Dunmore, and Queen Victoria purchased some of the ware at the Edinburgh International Exhibition of 1886. Gardners products were always changing, and never really commercial, catering more for the emerging 'Art Pottery' market. A good measure of his success was when in 1876 over a hundred pieces were bought by Glasgow Museums and Art Gallery. He died in 1902, and after several owners, the pottery closed in 1917.

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