Early Minton plate pat. 85 -grapevine with gilt details, c. 1800

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Rare early Minton bone china plate, painted in pattern 85, with all-over gilt vines bearing bunches of purple grapes and curious ‘feather’ leaves.
Black ’85’ to back,
circa 1799-1805


Condition: wear to gold in center, rim.

Production of porcelain at Minton probably began in 1799, and the irst few hundred pattern numbers were the primary products. This body is still not perfect, with some pitting & ‘orange-skin’ evident. It is very thickly potted, and yet when a very strong light is shone through, it is superbly white, as evident when it could be potted thinner.
Minton began to use a Sevres-like crossed ‘L’s’ with their pattern number around 1805, and ceased production of porcelain completely in 1816.




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