Early Silver Plate samovar, Wright’s Patent, circa 1845

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Early Silver Plate samovar of superb quality, in the Regency taste with

Circa 1845

44cm high

Excellent condition


This fascinating piece has all the hallmarks of an Old Sheffield Plate type – but is in fact electroplated. The style of samovar, intended to provide hot water for tea in a wealthy household’s sitting room, was an 18th century necessity, but had fallen out of fashion by the 1850’s. This example is therefore the last of the Regency style samovars, but made using the brand-new techniques of electroplating. The quality of the plating attests to this, as earlier products were often put through the process multiple times, resulting in a fine silvered finish.

The Patent plaque is very interesting; there is no indication of this in any literature, although




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