Early Staffordshire figure titled ‘Widow’, attr. Dudson, c. 1810

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Early Staffordshire Pottery figure of the ‘Widow of Zarephath’ modelled as the seated lady in a flower sprig decorated cloak, sticks clasped in her left hand, her right shielding her son, a barrel between her feet and a ewer at one side, seated on a rocky mound with applied flowers, set on a square plinth base with colourful scrolling red and blue marbling.
Circa 1810

23.5cm high, base 12cm square
Restorations include twigs, tree is truncated, mysterious scar to right of figure restored and possibly a third component.

The base of this figure is identical to Dudson examples, but others also used this technique, so not attributable. The style of painting to her cloak is distinct.




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