Early Staffordshire pottery figure of Elijah / Elias, with raven & loaf, ‘Box Title Group’ c. 1820

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Early Staffordshire pottery Pearlware figure of Elijah, shown seated with raven by his side & a loaf held aloft.
Incorrectly inscribed ‘ELIAS’ to the base,
attributed to the ‘Box Title’ group,
circa 1820

Restorations include upraised arm, head of raven, and front edge restored, bocage lost.

Ref. Myrna Schkolne’s excellent site for a probable companion piece, with the same applied plaque shape titled ‘Widow’ to the front. Other similarities include a cloak, the colours used, and identical applied flowers & leaves.
Schkolne has attributed this to the ‘Box Title’ group. This name describes the way the title is shown sitting in a moulded ‘box’ shaped frame, and along with other pointers – such as the spindly tree – allows the above attribution.




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