English delft posset pot, blue dash & lambrequins, early 18th century


Rare English delft posset pot and cover, decorated inglaze with a series of lambrequins from the neck, plant forms from the foot, the lid similar, the neck and handle with a series of dashes, dots and ovals.

Earlier 18th century

spout showing signs of overpainting, the lid split in half & re-stuck, handles with signs of repair


Most posset pots are dated to the 17th century – however, there are number of examples from the earlier 18th century that match this piece. Ref. V&A Delftware p264 for several examples, also Britton ‘London Delftware’ p144 for another close example. This one has slightly different handle form, but shares the unusual handle decoration of dashes spaced by an oval, and the shape of the whole is very similar. It is dated very late, attributed to London circa 1740.




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