English delft puzzle jug, Chinoiserie landscapes, London or Liverpool, c. 1730

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Rare English delft ‘Puzzle Jug’, the tankard form with neck pierced with a series of diamond shape openings, one side not as pierced, with three drinking spouts to rim, the body decorated inglaze with a continuous chinoiserie landscape including curious ‘huts’, the front with a large flowering tree, the handles, piercings and rim tube all with dashes, dots and scrollwork.

Attributed to London or Liverpool,

circa 1730

16cm H
16.5cm W



ref. Lipski & Archer ‘Dated English Delftware’ p231, #108 for a similar form with the same curious pattern, dated 1729. While this example has some construction differences, they both follow the same concept and decoration, suggesting a common origin. Unfortunately, no attribution is given, but the body and blue both compare well to the ‘Liverpool/London’ group of English delft.




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