Fossil Ammonite, Hoploscaphites nicolleti, Cretaceous, 66 million years

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Fossil Ammonite,

Hoploscaphites nicolleti,

Upper Cretaceous Period, 100-66 million years old

from Dakota/Nebraska, USA

measures aprox. 5cm across

Surface is excellent; two old collection numbers (1/1/18 – collected 1918?)
part of front is missing, revealing the interior with fine

Ex- Collection of University of Nebraska State Museum. From a small group with hand-written label outlining ‘Ammonoidea’ & ‘ Discoscaphites nicolleti (Morton) ‘
The Nebraska Museum label is now obsolete, as the Subgenus Discoscaphites was re-classified in 1993 to Hoploscaphites, previously only used for European specimens. The two have now been identified as slight regional variations, one in Europe and one in the USA.

Discoscaphites nicolleti (Morton, 1842) = Hoploscaphites nicolleti (Morton, 1842)

Reason for equivalency: moved to different genus (source: Landman and Waage, 1993).

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