Fossil Dino Tooth on stand – Spinosaurus, Morocco, 99 million yrs

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Genuine large Dinosaur Tooth,

Spinosaurus sp.

Late Cretaceous period,

93-99 million years ago

Found in Morocco.

Tooth 3.3cm on stand  8.2cm high

Comes with a small informative label to include & display with

Spinosaurus is thought to be the largest carnivorous dinosaur – up to 14m long – larger than the T-Rex, and with a snout like a crocodile. Also like a crocodile, they lost their teeth regularly, with new teeth emerging as replacements. These teeth are peg-like, and often found in modern animals which eat fish – combined with the body form and leg structure, it is thought the Spinosaurus was semiaquatic, spending its time around the shoreline, in and out of the water.

The name reflects the most distinct feature of this dinosaur, a series of ‘spines’ above the backbone; these are thought to be for display – think frill-necked lizard – and probably also functioned as heat regulators, allowing the creature to heat up & cool down with a large surface area lined with blood vessels.
The easily accessed strata of the Cretaceous Period in Morocco, once a shallow water coastal system,  is full of these fossil teeth.




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