French faience plate, Gallic rooster with giant jug, Nevers c. 1780

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French faience plate, boldly painted with a rooster by a giant jug, in a landscape with tree  to one side, the rim with a blue scalloped border bound by orange, yellow & green bands.

Nevers c. 1780.


The Gallic Rooster was a symbol used during the French Revolution, as the proud ‘Gauls’  sought to base their history on ancient pre-Christian origins, rather than the ‘divine providence’ a King such as Louis XVIII reigned under.

In Latin, Gallus is the term for the people of Gaul (France), as well as meaning ‘rooster’ – reflecting the reputation of the Gaelic people as brave little roosters, unafraid to back down. The large jug surely represents bounty, so the bounty of the French people is the hidden message.



23.5cm D


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