Georgian wine glass with flower & bird engraving , faceted stem, c.1750

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Georgian wine glass, the bowl engraved with a rose to one side, a ‘bird in flight’ to the other, symbolising Jacobite sympathies, on a faceted stem.

Circa 1750

14cm high, bowl 5.3cm, foot 7cm

Brilliant condition


Jacobite symbols appear on glasses as a ‘secret sign’ hidden in plain sight – they indicate sympathy to the Stuart cause of the ‘Old Pretender’ James Stuart, and his son Bonnie Prince Charlie also known as the ‘Young Pretender’ .  The rose is the white rose of James Stuart, and there fore his son Charles; the bird symbolises his flight across the channel to the safety of the Continent. The story is, these glasses could be used to toast the exile’s health, although a lot were produced long after the Stuart case was lost, and are therefore more an item of romantic historicism.




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