Grand Tour bronze of ‘Mercury’, after Giambologna, on tall marble plinth, 19th c.


Handsome bronze figure of Mercury, after the 1580 original by Giambologna, (Flemish, 1529-1608), depicted in action with the head of Zephyr, the wind of the west, beneath his winged foot, supporting him on a puff of wind, his caduceus staff in one arm, the other becoming upwards towards his destination, Jupiter, set on a tall green marble column plinth.
Circa 1880.

Total 59cm high

Small chip to plinth, good patination


This is a ‘classic’ piece of Renaissance sculpture, created by the great Flemish sculptor Giambologna while in the court of the Medici of Florence. The original was 1.7m high, and stood in the middle of a fountain in the Medici palace in Rome. The head beneath him is Zephyr, representing the western wind amongst the four winds.




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