Hellenistic Greek pottery model of a dove, Canosan, 4th century BC


Hellenistic pottery model of a dove, shown perched with tail down, a hole at the base for mounting, with traces of original pigments remaining.

Canosan, South Italian,

4th century BC


12.5cm beak to tail, 14cm high in custom-made stand


These models of doves were substitutes for live doves, to be offered on altars.


chip to beak; tail re-stuck


12cm beak-to-tail


Provenance: London trade, from the old stock of Dealer M. Ayres, 31 Museum St, London and 187 Drury Lane, London, which closed in 1988, the stock sold at Bonhams, London 2003. Possibly Egyptian due to the heavy red nature of the clay, typical of Egyptian products of the Greek & Roman period.

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