Isabella Clementina Ainslie of the Harvey School, NEW BOOK 2013

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Clem Ainslie was an extremely talented potter, creating the usual school pieces, but also many unique individual pots. She signed the majority of her pieces, either with ‘Clementina Ainslie’ (she disliked her first name, Isabella), or the monogram CA, along with the date. She made & sold many pieces during her ‘career’ as an art potter, meaning there are many pieces out there awaiting discovery. This publication tells the story of the discovery of a unique family collection of her work, and is intended to bring her the recognition she deserves. *An introduction to the Harvey School of Brisbane *The story of the discovery *Full documentation of the 38 pieces found in her daughter’s collection in 2013. *Unique documentation of the context/intended use of the pieces *36 pages with stunning photography. ISBN 978-0-9923819-2-9




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