Keeling helmet shape milk jug, blue painted Chinese scene, c. 1795

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Keeling helmet-shape milk jug, with underglaze blue hand-painted ‘Chinese Island Landscape’, the interior with a wide flowerhead border.

Circa 1795


See Barratt ‘A&E Keeling’ p136 for the pattern (designated ‘X248’, and the only hand-painted underglaze blue pattern so far identified – all others are printed), p27 for the shape.

Keeling is a fascinating small factory that was only positively  identified in the late 1990’s. The wares are often in the Chinese Export style, of which the best known manufacturer is Newhall.
In the 1970’s was given the placeholder ‘Factory X’ name until it could be attributed to a known manufacturer. Alongside it were two other Newhall-type manufacturers, Factory ‘Y’ and ‘Z’.

Current research has revealed ‘X’ is in fact A & E Keeling, ‘Y’ is still an unknown smaller maker from circa 1790-1800, and ‘Z’ is Thomas Wolf & Co.

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handle restored


12cm high


ref. Barratt p136 for the pattern, X248, where she notes this is the only Keeling underglaze blue pattern that is hand painted so far identified.

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