Liverpool punch bowl with Rare Mixed Bouquets prints, Seth Pennington, c.1790

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Large Liverpool punch bowl, printed in blue with four large prints of the rare Mixed Bouquets Group pattern, the interior with an intricate border known as the Fish Roe, Cell and Flowerhead Border, the centre with another flower group repeated from the outside.
Attributed to Seth Pennington,
Circa 1790

23.5cm wide, 9.5cm high

rim chip restored, glaze speckles

ref. Hillis p437 for the border, p445 for the flowers, where he describes them as -Rather Rare-. The recorded examples appear on jugs and bowls, the jug shape seemingly Seth. However, the combination seen on this bowl appears unique: 4 of the 5 Mixed Boquets Group flowers are seen here around the outside of a bowl rather than a jug, and while he refers to mugs having an adapted version along with the Fish Roe border, this bowl also has that border.
Apparently unparalleled.




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