Machin teabowl & saucer, blue rock pattern, U7, c. 1800

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Interesting Machin porcelain teabowl & saucer, painted with the ‘Two Rock’ pattern, with two onglaze blue rocks bridged by an iron red arched bridge, a fence & garden to the left, a stylized insect flying overhead.
Pattern ‘U7’,
circa 1800

saucer 13cm

Both pieces with a rim hairline

While the pattern is close, this appears to be different to Keeling; Barratt in ‘Keeling’ refers to other unknown makers on p 137, and this example has a different porcelain tone, is larger, and the decoration subtly different to a Keeling example of the same pattern in stock ( 1016589). It also lacks the usual ‘workman’s marks’ seen on keeling.
It is Machin? , see ‘Unknown #7’ in Thom & Miller.




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