Ming dynasty porcelain Basin, Bihn Thuan shipwreck 1608

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Large Ming porcelain bowl, recovered from the Binh Thuan shipwreck, Vietnam, painted with reserves of flowers & Buddhist symbols, the rim with flowers & foliage.

Ship wrecked circa 1608


very small restoration to chip on one side


31cm wide


Around 1608, this ill-fated vessel with its valuable cargo of mostly blue and white Swatow ware from Zhangzhou was probably headed for markets in Malaysia or Indonesia, which were well-established consumers of Chinese ceramics. An Archaeological examination and commercial recovery in 2002 brought the pieces to the surface. The pieces that were released by the government were sold at Christies Melbourne in 2004. While this example was purchased in Malaysia before the Melbourne auction, it is undoubtedly from the wreck, and was recovered & sold by the initial discoverers, the fishermen of Bihn Thuan, Vietnam.

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