Miniature painting – ‘Drunken Silenus supported by Satyrs’ after Van Dyck, c. 1890

$850.00 AUD

‘Drunken Silenus supported by Satyrs’, after Van Dyck’s 1620 painting now in the National Gallery, London. 

Miniature on ivory, finely painted & framed in a double ormolu frame with red velvet ground. 

Stamp to the back “Vom Bundesdenkmalamt zur Ausfuhr freigegeben” around a central Austrian Eagle, 

translation: “Approved for export by the Federal Monuments Office of Austria”


Circa 1890  

This stamp was used in the 1918-34 period, when Austria forbid the export of ‘Works of Art’ without a permit; this stamp is the ‘permission to export’. 

The original Old Master this was copied from has been a part of the National Gallery’s collection in London since 1871. It originally came from the collection of Rubens, from his studio, and is described as ‘Possibly Van Dyck’.




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