Mosquitoes in Amber, Diptera Nematocera, 99 million years old, Age of the Dinosaurs, Burma


Four Diptera Nematocera specimens in good clear amber,

plus multiple other inclusions,

Early Cretaceous period,

aprox. 99 million years old

Burma (Myanmar)

measures: 3×1.3cm , aprox. 1cm thick.

Amber is the fossil remains of tree sap.

Burma has small deposits of amber which have been firmly dated to around 99 million years ago, in the early Cretaceous. Studies of the wide variety of insects found in them are ongoing, with new species being discovered constantly. The four specimens in this quality piece of amber have not been studied in depth, but at catalogued as Diptera Nematocera, a small little ‘midge’ or mosquito-like insect which used a proboscis to suck up sap from plants. They were flying around when the dinosaurs roamed the land, and probably swarmed around the occasional Tyrannosaurus or Triceratops !




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