Close Plate steel candle snuffers with patented retracting mechanism, c.1780

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Close Plated steel candle snuffers, with Christopher Pinchbeck’s ‘Patented’ mechanism, cutting the wick and securing it so it doesn’t fall, the joint rivet disguised as a flower head.

Circa 1780

18cm long

minor wear to handles

‘Close Plated’ was a method of applying silver to iron & steel, using heat and pressure. It was essential with something like these scissors, as they needed the strength of the steel; solid silver would be too soft, and Old Sheffield copper base also would not have withstood usage.

The ‘Patent’ inscription refers to that taken out in 1776 by Christopher Pinchbeck, a London clock maker and ‘creator of musical automata’.  His patent was re-published in the 1850’s, see attached image.




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