Pair of Georgian Tondo Engravings ‘Ceres’ & ‘Pomona’, Bartolozzi, London 1787

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Pair of Georgian hand-coloured engravings of round form (‘Tondo’), titled  ‘CERES’ and ‘POMONA’, inscribed ‘J.B. Cippriani Delint. / F. Bartolozzi Sculpt.’ depicting Ceres with children holding birds feeding from a basket she holds, Pomona with children picking cherries and placing them in her basket, in period round frames.

Published London, 1787.

Condition: Some minor discolouration, frame minor loss to edging moulding (could be fixed)


Francesco Bartolozzi was born in Florence, and trained in Venice and Rome. In 1764, he travelled to England to become the ‘King’s Engraver’, a position he held for the next 38 years. He was a prolific painter as well as engraver, and was  Founder Member of the Royal Academy in 1768.

He developed the very fine ‘stipple’ effect seen in these works in the 1770’s, with a series of very fine dots making up the scene rather than the usual engraved lines. The results when coloured are much more like a painting.

Giovanni Battista Cipriani, the artist of the originals these engravings were made from, was a good friend & fellow member of the Royal Academy. He was also born in Florence, and came to London from Rome in 1755. He was a very prolific & varied artist, producing designs for building decoration, interiors including the Royal Academy itself, the Lord Mayor of London’s coach, and even the inlaid & painted decoration on the Adams Brothers furniture of the later 18th century.






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