Pair of Vienna ecuelle – covered broth bowls, c. 1800


Pair of Vienna ecuelle -covered broth bowls-, richly decorated with wide rococo bands in an unusual ‘yellow scale’ design, within ornate gilt scroll borders, the white body with scattered flower groups with gold highlights, the knop a large lemon branch with fruit & flowers, the inside of the lid also beautifully painted with a large flower group.

Underglaze blue shield mark, also various impressed numbers, including date marks ’99’ and ‘801’.

Circa 1801


Minor losses to flowers


18.5cm W


The impressed numbers on Vienna are a handy guide to dating pieces. From 1783-1800 the last two numbers of the year were impressed, and 1801 onwards the last three were impressed. There is also a modeller's number on the base of each, but as one is 12 and the other 33, the closer together 99 and 801 are assumed to be the dates. One has been a 3-year old blank when it was decorated in 1801 or soon after.

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