Paris porcelain plate, central rosette, fine Trophy border & lemon yellow rim, c. 1795

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Stylish Paris Porcelain plate, boldly painted with a broad yellow rim, the center with a large rosette in fine black enamels with every second leaf in gold, the wall painted with very fine trophies in gold, including music, gardening, and artistic emblems.

Incised ‘N’ to base,

Nast, or perhaps Nhil, circa 1795


Retouching to gilt rim, restored rim chip, minor wear to gold


Retouching to gilt rim, minor wear to gold

Collection label for Mrs Charles H. Price II, Kansas City, USA.
Charles Price II was the American ambassador to the UK during the Regan-Thatcher years.

ref. Dawson ‘French Porcelain in the British Museum’ p362 for a saucer with the same central motif in black & gold, marked ‘Dhil’ underglaze, c.1795-1800.

However, the incised ‘N’ is sometimes seen on Nast, Paris, pieces from the same period, and the porcelain compares very well to marked examples – so attribution is uncertain.




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