Paul Serste, Large terracotta sculpture ‘Maternité’ Circa 1960

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Paul Serste (1910-2000)

Large terracotta slip-cast sculpture, ‘Maternité, depicting a kneeling mother with arms raised holding her baby.

Incised signature ‘P. Serste’.

Circa 1960


64cm high

Good condition with some minor wear

Paul Serste (1910-2000) was a Belgian sculptor, very active in the mid 20th century. While many of his works were highly stylized human figures, this work is one of his most realistic. The ingenious Z-form of the kneeling mother dynamically balances and supports the infant she has hoisted up high, and he reaches down with his hands towards the safety of his mother. Titled ‘Maternité’ beneath the base, it truly fulfils this name with the depiction of the bond between a mother and her baby.




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