Pearlware plate, Rome Tiber view after Spode, circa 1820

$195.00 AUD

Pearlware plate, printed in deep blue with a Rome ‘Tiber’ view, after the Spode pattern introduced in 1811, showing various Roman landmarks brought together in one view, a large oriental willow tree growing to the left, within a concentric circle & loop border.

Unmarked, maker unknown,

circa 1820

Condition: a few rough patches of glaze to the rim, including section that isn’t glazed, one glazed over chip, good condition.


The Spode version is close, but not identical in the small details: ref. Transfer Collector’s Club pattern #3943.  They refer to a ‘Lakin’ marked example – #13470 – and a marked ‘Stubbs’ piece #7510. This could be a variation from either factory, or another as yet unidentified maker who commissioned a copper plate of the popular Spode pattern for their own wares.




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