English pearlware bowl, Chinoiserie ’Boulder & fence’ pattern, c.1780

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English Pearlware bowl, boldly painted in underglaze blue with a Chinoiserie ‘Boulder and Fence’ pattern, the plants well painted indistinctive manner, a series of floating water plants at the back and flocks of birds flying overhead, the interior with a pagoda island scene and similar plants, the rim with a loosely painted border.  

Circa 1780 

D: 18.7cm / H: 9cm

Major restorations

ref. Robert’s ‘ Painted in blue’  page 4 for a group in this pattern, p 144 for more. This is a group of similar items, but are unattributed and by more than one potter. This bowl is another variation, but is comparable with a group titled curved fence group, P136 – in particular, the ‘stack of dishes’  tree and the roof on the house shown in fig. 238 is identical to the roof on the house inside this bowl, possibly providing another refining grouping for these interesting wares.  




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