Persian manuscript page from ‘Kitab-i hasha’ish’ – the Materia Medica of Dioscurides, 17th-18th c. medical botany manuscript

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Persian manuscript page from a ‘Kitab-i hasha’ish‘ – the ‘Materia Medica’ of Dioscurides, 1st century AD physician of Greek origin, who had compiled the botanical medicinal knowledge of the period into books, preserved through constant copying complete with illustrations in the Islamic world; this example with an unknown (untranslated) bulb with groups of red flowers, the text explaining the usage of various components for various ailments, in flowing Persian calligraphy with important words in red, set within a frame of gold / black / red / blue  carefully ruled lines.

Probably Iran, Isfahan,

17th – 18th century

Frame 34x45cm
Works 16x27cm

Condition: professionally framed, with slight toning & some small spots to paper, good condition




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