Ridgway porcelain ‘Foliage’ form jug, richly gilt, Great Exhibition c. 1851


Handsome Ridgway jug, moulded all over with leaves, with distinct wishbone handle with midway ‘join’ matching the ‘Foliage’ shapes of Ridgway teawares, the whole picked out in rich gold.
circa 1851

13.2cm h 13.5cm w

Extremely ‘excellent’ condition

Ex- Neil Robertson Collection, Melbourne.

Ridgway registered the ‘Foliage’ teawares in March 1851, and they were exhibited as part of their display in the Great Exhibition, Hyde Park, the same year. The handle is distinct, matching that on the teapot; Godden illustrates one in his 1985 ‘Ridgway Porcelain’ book, p129, where it is grouped with related teawares that ignore the moulding with their decoration. He also reproduces the entry from the 1851 Exhibition guidebook, which has a small version of this jug depicted (without detailing the leaves) alongside the teawares of the shape – it was the latest ‘new thing’ in 1851, and this is a stunning example of Ridgway at its best.
ref. Godden ‘Ridgway’ p234-8




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