Saint-Cloud trembleuse cup & saucer, rare N mark, c.1725

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Saint Cloud trembleuse cup & saucer, the very thickly potted body with high relief ribbing, painted to the rim with a labrequin ban in underglaze blue.
Saucer marked N,
circa 1725


Both in excellent condition.


saucer 12.5cm


ref. Dawson- French Porcelain- #25 & 26 for very similar examples in the British Museum. Another in the collection (29) has an M mark. The Sevres museum has two similar examples, one with a H mark, another with an F mark. In the Rosenberg Collection in Geelong, there is one with a B. All are cups of the same form, with the same design. The reason for these marks is uncertain, they are all Saint Cloud pieces so it is not a manufacturers mark, but an internal factory code of some sort.

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