Saltglaze Teapot with bright flower decoration, c. 1760

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Flamboyant Saltglaze teapot with ‘crabstock’ handle, the spherical body with flush fitting lid, the body boldly painted with flower groups in a distinct free style, the bright coloured flower petals outlined in black, the spout with long fern-like feather-moulded sides, the lid with an acorn knop.

Staffordshire, maker unknown

Circa 1760

12cm high, 18cm handle to spout



This teapot is has an easily-overlooked, unusual feature: the handle is a ‘crabstock’, while the spout is feather-moulded. This is rarely seen; either it is a moulded spout with a plain handle, or crabstock moulding for both.

‘Crabstock’ is a term used for a twig-like component in a vessel such as a twig handle or spout. In the 18th century records, ‘Crab tree’ is the term used, giving us the origin: the gnarled branches of a crab-apple tree.




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