Sevres style coffee can & saucer, 19th C

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French porcelain coffee can & saucer, in the Sevres style, nicely decorated with a flower sprig pattern within blue ribbon borders, with cartouches of roses and laurel wreaths.
Mock Sevres marks, with dip holes.
mid 19th century,
possibly Samson of Paris.

saucer 12.5 cm wide

Visually, this appears to be a Sevres piece – the decoration is good, the porcelain fine, and it has the ‘hole’ beneath in the footrim. In original Sevres, this is the production feature you expect; a small wire hook was inserted into this hole, and the piece then suspended in the glaze firing kiln, the idea being that no surface would touch anything & disfigure the porcelain surface. This is evident on both pieces, and while the saucer has no apparent glaze in the hole, the cup is full of glaze – defeating the supposed purpose, and indicating a faker’s work. Samson of Paris was a prolific maker of such high quality items and is a possible origin.




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