Staffordshire creamware sheep, Sherratt type, c. 1820


Staffordshire creamware sheep, modelled seated on a grassy bank finely moulded with oak leaves, the sheep with brown enamel spots.
Sherratt type,
Circa 1820

6cm nose to tail

Obadiah Sherratt was a Staffordshire potter of the early 19th century, and is solely known from two ‘Frog’ mugs with his mark. An impressive bull baiting group was for some reason assigned to him in the earlier 20th century, and from that a whole group of ‘Sherratt’ attributed pieces were added: a name on the otherwise nameless Staffordshire wares made a difference for collectors – and a difference in price for dealers! However, while they form a distinct group linked by technique and detail, a firm attribution to Sherratt has never been established: they may well be by one of the dozens of other concerns making very similar figures at the time.




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