Torquay Pottery vase, Chinese boy dec. with verses by William Barnes, c. 1895


Unusual Torquay Pottery vessel, with squat body and tall concave neck, a simple arc handle to one side, the lower portion glazed green, the neck with white slip featuring a well painted depiction of a Chinese boy with a ball, inscribed below

“Vor Doset dear, Then qie woone cheer, (Barnes)”

Indistinctly marked (not pressed in, & with a glaze inclusion over top)

Circa 1910


14cm high

Good condition, dots to cream ground are firing faults.

Reverend William Barnes (1801 – 1886) was a Dorset born Cambridge-educated scholar with a vast range of interests, including the Dorset dialect and poetry: he wrote poems in the local dialect.

He was a ‘linguistic purist’, and explored the concept of what English would sound like if the English had won in 1066: keen to explore the Anglo-Saxon language, he removed all the French and Latin addition to the English language, and invited new words in their place!




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